About Us

The Incivus team is an eclectic mix of people from different disciplines with one focus—building technology that can perceive and enhance creative performance. The journey we are on is always challenging, as the dynamics of advertising are changing from the ground up. That’s why we’re passionate about using technology to augment human creativity and drive greater business impact, with ease and with flair.

Incivus Culture:

At Incivus, we believe the best idea wins. And the only way to get to the best ideas is through a culture of openness, exploration, respect for merit, and a passion for excellence. That is why culture comes before strategy at Incivus.

When we work together remotely or in person, our discussions are fluid and merit-based, and operations cohesive and seamless.

How the future looks for us:

Incivus is now a wholly owned subsidiary of  Course5 Intelligence, a global leader in Analytics and AI Solutions.

Incivus’ capabilities are deeply synergistic with Course5’s wider proposition of driving impact for clients through their visual and multimedia data, analytics, and AI investments. The Incivus platform will be a part of the larger Course5 offering but continue to operate under the Incivus brand name. 

Creativity meets
Artificial Intelligence

The Incivus team brings together deep expertise in:

to achieve a single purpose—making ads memorable and actionable.

Our focus is always on the challenge that the customer is facing and how we can help solve it.

Meet the Team

Leadership Team

Ashwin Mittal

Executive Chairman, Founder

Manish Mittal

President, Co-founder

Baskar Ethirajan

Chief Product Officer

Strategic Advisory Board​

Ashwin Mittal

Executive Chairman, Founder

Manish Mittal

President, Co-founder

Baskar Ethirajan

Chief Product Officer

Core Values


family and friends come first — always. At Incivus, we recognize and encourage our people to take care of their loved ones and themselves.


We are constantly in pursuit of excellence in everything that we do. We believe that less is more, so do it well.


We thrive on a merit-based culture that promotes curiosity and encourages ideas, challenges, and questions. The more the merrier, we say.


This one’s the most important. We find joy in our work and life outside work. Boundaries between work and life are good!

The goal has not changed, the technology has

The advertising industry is still reeling from the pandemic and a digital-first, hyper-personalized atmosphere. Bespoke is a given, not an add-on. These thoughts sparked a conversation that became our proud product offering to creative marketers and brands.

What followed was a deep(er) dive into the industry as we leveraged our core competencies and partnered with machine learning experts to bring you something


Incivus helps you stand out  amid the clutter by utilizing computer vision and audition to gauge just how humans actually interact with what they see online.

We help you fine-tune your ad creatives and drive campaign objectives to get the best results for your brand, your audience, and your business.

Join the Team

If you’ve got a flair for creativity and technology, we’d love to know more. We’re currently hiring for business development, product management, data science, customer success, AI, and engineering roles.
If you fit the bill, write to us at careers@incivus.ai

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