We Make Your Ads Work - And Change What Doesn't

Good creatives cannot be left to chance, given the impact on your bottom line. That’s why we augment creativity with technology — rigorously evaluating ads against realistic, AI-driven criteria and offering workable solutions backed by intelligent analysis.
Incivus is powerful in practice and designed to impact both brand and revenue. In short, we harness AI to give you insightful data that helps you craft high-impact ads that convert.
We Make Your Ads Work

Get your ads right, with Incivus.

70 %
Of your campaign’s impact
depends on the ad creative
The first
5 seconds
Of your ad creative can make or
break your campaign
Only 1 in 4 ads
Undergo pre-launch testing
Offline data can only take you that far and is not always a reliable indicator for creative direction. Feed the same data to AI, and you start to see the magic happen!
And that’s where we come in.
Incivus helps your marketing team back this data with the power of technology. Our AI and Machine Learning tech uncovers key ad attributes that impact your ads.
With Incivus, you can see, control, and change as needed – developing an agile marketing strategy that improves immediate results and builds the brand in the long term.

Who is Incivus For?

Brands looking to stand out with effective creatives

CMOs looking to boost the bottom line
Brand Managers looking to achieve campaign objectives
Digital teams looking to optimize ad spend

High-Performing Content. Backed by AI.
Powered by Incivus.

Incivus is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Course5 Intelligence. 

We are building the future of Creative Effectiveness. Together!

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