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Evaluate your ads before launch, quickly and accurately.

AI-powered Ad Evaluation

Incivus is a Creative Effectiveness Platform. Using AI, it provides a granular evaluation, of digital ads, at a creative variable level, to help marketing teams discover what is working for their ads and change what is not.

Incivus’ AI model is trained on 3.5 million data points across creative variables like human emotion, product, brand, human characters, music, colors & ad copy to give accurate results, quickly and at scale. Our evaluation has helped marketing teams save ad spend by up to 15%.

Our platform can be applied to all your digital content from digital and web ads to social media, and OTT ads.

Video Ad Recall

Video Ad Evaluation

Incivus’ Video Ad evaluation provides a comprehensive analysis of your digital video assets on creative variables like memorability, attention, brand compliance, and more.

Our platform helps you refine and optimize your ad until you have found your most effective version.

Display Ad Evaluation

Incivus’ display ad evaluation feature analyses your digital banner and display ads on creative variables like attention, brand compliance, ad copy, and memorability. 

Our platform enables you to deeply understand what works for your ad, your campaign, and your brand, providing a data-driven decision to optimize your marketing goals.

Display Evaluation

Advertise Impactfully with Incivus

Eliminate A/B Testing

Save on A/B testing costs and time

Launch Faster

Eliminate tedious evaluation processes

Increase Demand

Advertise better and drivemore customers

Always on Brand

Drive higher recall by staying
consistent with your branding

Campaign Effectiveness

Identify the most effective ads before they go live

Get Noticed

Understand what makes ads
memorable to stand out in the crowd

Advertise Impactfully with Incivus

Create Memorable Ads

Incivus helps marketers discover their most memorable ads, with the potential to improve conversions by 15%

Ensure Brand Consistency

With Incivus’ Brand Cues feature, marketing teams can ensure consistent branding across their ads, leading to a 33% increase in revenue.

Remove Guesswork

Incivus’ data-driven analysis removes the guesswork from creative decision-making.

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