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Incivus – Your Creative Effectiveness Partner

Incivus is an AI-Powered Creative Effectiveness Platform. It evaluates your ads at a frame level and provides precise, objective, and granular insights into ad recall, attention, emotions, and more, helping you discover your most effective creative before the launch.

Incivus helps progressive marketing teams take the guesswork out of creative decision-making and launch creatives with confidence.

Why Creative Effectiveness Matters

70 %
of campaign effectiveness depends on the creative
56 %
of a brand’s sales lift depends on the quality of creative
47 %
of total sales impact depends on creativity & creative decisions

Launch Effective Creatives, Every Time

Improve Engagement

Identify your most engaging creative before launch

2x Speed

Test for effectiveness in minutes & launch campaigns in record time

15% Savings

Eliminate A/B testing spends by launching the most effective ads

Helping Make Creative Decisions, Backed by Data

From growth marketers to creative directors, Incivus helps create impactful decisions

Growth marketers looking to maximize ROI

Brand marketers looking to increase brand awareness

Marketing teams going through digital transformation 

Creative teams looking to stand out 

Ready to Discover Your Most Effective Ads with Incivus?

Incivus is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Course5 Intelligence. 

We are building the future of Advertising. Together!

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