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Why Incivus?

Incivus is a GenAI-powered AdTech platform to measure the Creative Effectiveness of digital ads. We help progressive marketing teams to predict the effectiveness of their digital ads, before launch, helping them improve their ROI, launch campaigns faster, and optimize their ad spend. 

Using cutting-edge AI, we provide a precise, objective, and granular evaluation of all creative variables of an ad.

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Make ads that are instantly memorable.

Recall, a proprietary feature of ours, helps show you which section of your ad has the most recall value. It also defines the memorability of your ads while highlighting the peaks and pits of your narrative, allowing you to focus your efforts on optimizing them.


You just want, Attention. You’ll also have their heart. 

With Attention ft. Incivus, we use data-backed insights to not only tell you which part of your digital ads will draw the most attention but also recommend which creative elements will capture audience interest.

Ad Copy Effectiveness

Words, measured to perfection.

Our copy evaluation feature lets you understand how effectively each word your digital ad uses conveys what you want it to. But we go beyond this as well. We measure if the number of words you’ve used is appropriate and analyze the tone of the copy as well.

Emotional Profile

Beyond the mind, straight to the heart. Beyond the product or the service, it is often the emotional core of an ad that makes it incredibly effective.

At Incivus, we help you analyze the different components of an ad including color, text, music, and human presence to come up with an emotional profile. This allows you to tweak your digital ads till you’re sure of striking that emotional chord with your audience.

Brand Compliance

Your brand is the center of attention.

Each brand wants to have a unique voice and wants to stand out. We get that. Brand cues, a feature of our platform, helps you create a checklist of what gives your brand its unique voice. So each time an ad goes out, you can be sure that it reflects everything your brand stands for and wants to portray.


Make each creative sing to your tune

Another one of our proprietary features, Music helps analyze the different genres of music utilized in your ads. It provides insight as to what kind of emotions the music will evoke in your audience, allowing you to tweak the music until it meets your requirements.

Formats and Channels

Platform-based Optimization

Each platform has its own unique sensibilities. We understand that and help you optimize your creatives for a variety of digital platforms including Meta, Amazon, Google Ads, and more.


Who can use Incivus?

Incivus aids Progressive Marketing Teams, Digital Content Writers & Digital Graphic Designers.

Can Incivus only evaluate Digital ads?

 Yes, Incivus can evaluate Digital Display & Video ads.

What kind of reports does your platform provide?

Incivus provides granular and actionable insights into Creative Effectiveness, Recall, Attention, Music, Brand Cues, Emotional Profile, and Ad Copy Effectiveness of your Digital Ad assets.

Does your platform provide recommendations?

Yes, Incivus provides recommendations on how you can tweak your ad to make it more effective for your ad goal.

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