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Ai-fication of Marketing Teams

By incivus

AI has made inroads in the marketing teams, automating processes and providing data that the marketer uses in their day to day lives. AI, or artificial intelligence, is the buzzword of modern marketing efforts. While the use of machine learning and AI is nothing new among research and development teams, marketers are now waking up to its potential.

No wonder 73% of AI adopters feel that it gives them a competitive edge. AI has made inroads in marketing. From personalizing ads to AI-based content creation,marketing teams of all scales can benefit from including AI technologies in their marketing efforts.

Advertisement Personalization: Why it is No Longer Just an Option

Many people associate personalized ads with some form of unethical snooping. The reality is far from that. Today both buyers and sellers prefer personalized, targeted ads over random commercials that have little to no chance of converting leads. The biggest impact of AI in marketing is in the domain of personalized advertisements.

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, for example, uses AI-based tools to target personalized content to users. It works on everything from email newsletters to pop-up messages. Google is the leader in personalized ads and collates millions of data points to target customers with precise ads. These are everyday tools that impact the commercials we see around us, often without noticing how personalized they are. With smart TVs becoming more common and affordable, Connected TV advertising (CTV) is becoming popular. This advertising framework works around providing a personalized brand experience to viewers. Streaming service provider Roku uses this strategy in their advertising model. According to Roku, a personalized brand experience is more efficient than traditional advertising for both buyers and sellers.

In the modern marketing landscape, personalizing commercials is no longer an option. Even small enterprises are using personalization techniques to target the demographics that are most likely to buy their product or service.

Ad targeting, audience selection, and ad placement

With social media becoming ubiquitous, identifying your audience has never been easier. Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics are the two most important tools to find information about your target audience. These tools help you identify which demographics connect the most with your content and helps in targeting ads.

Finding an audience is only one part of the story. Addressing the need of the audience with relevant content determines the success or failure of a marketing campaign. AI plays a critical role here as well. AI-based advertising helps with precise demographics targeting by analyzing consumer sentiments and trends. AI-based platforms like Mirriad identify the target audience for the brand and identify the right product placement within shows as opposed to commercials. Google’s AI identifies the context, and the interest of the target audience based on their search history and places ads which are most relevant to them. Tools like Instagram uses audience behavior, likes and interest for ad targeting, giving the maximum ROI on ad spend. Ad targeting and placement is today a marketer’s best friend.

AI-based content creation

Content is king, and that precept does not seem to get outdated.

Artificial intelligence plays a rather interesting role in the process of content creation. We are not talking about under-average spin rewriters and paraphrasing tools. With the help of AI tools like Pepper type, we are able to now create content that addresses specific audience needs and demands. Not just that, the tool can even come up with content ideas that hit the sweet spot with customers.

The rise of chatbots

Chatbots are effective for a multitude of reasons. They can cut costs by up to 30%, be available 24/7, and ensure smooth problem-solving in most cases. Chatbots can resolve queries instantly and handle most of the general issues. They have become essential for platforms that handle a huge number of queries every day. No wonder Facebook alone has more than 300,000 chatbots in operation.

Modern AI-based tools, on the other hand, work on chatbots that are constantly learning and improving. By feeding data about the various customer needs and problems, chatbots can be as effective as human customer support, if not more.

All businesses realize that customer satisfaction is non-negotiable for long-term success. While the use of AI in marketing is becoming common, we often overlook its role in customer support. As machine learning tech improves, we can expect a future where the majority of customer support tasks are outsourced to intelligent bots.

Incivus: The Modern AI-based Creative Intelligence Tool

The team at Incivus have come up with a Creative Intelligence tool that works like no other.

 Using AI, we help marketers conceptualize, evaluate and optimize their ad. Our Creative Intelligence Platform provides interactive, easy to understand and actionable evaluation on branding, characters, emotions, backgrounds, and other elements of an ad. Our platform also evaluates ad performance against campaign goals, past data, category and industry data to help marketers pick the right ads, saving time and cost of A/B testing, and help them launch successful campaigns at scale.

AI will Continue to Make Inroads in Marketing

A cursory glance over tech trends makes it obvious that the use of AI is rising at an unprecedented scale. Today various industries and sectors are using some form of AI in daily operations. We can see the same phenomenon in marketing, but not up to its full potential.

Unlike other forms of evaluation and assessment, AI does not rely on speculatory information. AI-based evaluation tools work with concrete data and run tests on millions of databases. The results can indicate trends and features that have shown historical consistency and are common elements in successful ad campaigns.

The role of artificial intelligence in every aspect of marketing is on the rise. As with all tech trends, early adopters will be at a definite advantage.


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