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Best AI tools for Marketers in 2023 – Part 1

By incivus

Marketers are overwhelmed – that is the reality of being a marketer in 2023. With tedious tasks like A/B testing and multiple design iterations, over and above your day-to-day activities leads marketers to strain their creativity. Being relevant today also means that marketers are continuously trying to participate in various trends, which leaves them feeling like they are unable to generate new ideas and use their creativity to express themselves.

With several new AI tools coming into the market, AI is an attractive option for overburdened marketers to utilize in their marketing strategies. However, which tool is appropriate? Which one will make their task easy versus complicated? We at Incivus tested some of the best AI for marketers. We will be releasing a three-part blog, that will explore the best Generative AI tools that can help marketers from content ideation, to launch and evaluation.

In the first article, we will explore the best Generative AI tools for Content Ideation and Copywriting, Paraphrasing, and Content Production.

AI tools for Content Ideation & Copywriting

Constantly coming up with content ideas that are fresh and on par with the trends on social media or your website can be taxing. Here is a list of AI tools that can create content ideas for blog posts, social media posts, and emailers. These tools help with the ideation process, however, most of these tools go a step further to create content as well.

1. Narrato

Narrato is the dream tool for marketers who need quick and engaging content ideas. It is an AI content creation and collaboration tool. Some of its features stand out from similar tools in the market like its feature called Content Genie which seamlessly plugs into your website and analyses your webpage content and resources. It produces content ideas and strategies for your next social media post by repurposing your published content. Additionally, Narrato’s AI Content Assistant feature goes a step further and suggests standard templates to write social media posts, blog posts, video descriptions, and captions for your social media posts.

2. Growth Bar SEO

It is vital for marketers to optimize webpage content as it is the only way for businesses to organically scale in Google search engines, Growth Bar SEO does just that. Growth Bar’s AI specifically is designed to make SEO-friendly content for webpages, blog posts, and any other long-form content, in just a few minutes. Its key feature is the 2-minute Blog Builder and as the name states, it builds your blog along with a headline, with 1500 words to make an SEO rich blog in under 2 minutes. Growth Bar is also a marketing collaboration tool that  helps in analyzing your competitor’s keywords, Google Ads, and much more to suggest content for your webpage.

While the above stated features are what makes Growth Bar stand apart amongst other tools on the market, it can also be used to generate content for email newsletters, content paraphrasing, crafting product descriptions, and more. Growth Bar’s pricing starts at $48/month and goes up to $199/month.

3. WriteSonic

Write Sonic is stands out from all your other AI writing tools. While writing tools can help with content in general, WriteSonic goes a step further and helps e-commerce brands by enlisting accurate product descriptions and providing curated headlines to publish products on Amazon.

WriteSonic also generates curated and captivating headlines for different ad platforms such as Meta, Google, and LinkedIn. Not just that, it provides attention grabbing content copies for app and SMS notifications so that they are on-brand and personalized. WriteSonic plans start at $19/month.

AI tools for Paraphrasing

While the above AI tools can be used for copywriting, these tools in particular work more efficiently in rephrasing content.

1. AI Article Spinner

Tired of “AI” sounding content? AI Article Spinner paraphrases your content but also ensures that your article sounds more like you than an AI bot. AI Article Spinner can change the tonality of your content piece and provide a more structured article. It includes different modes such as – Standard, Formal, Sentence rephrase, Human, AI robot and Plagiarism Remover, which make paraphrasing much simpler and quicker.

AI Article Spinner is offering a discounted price at $10/month versus a $30/month plan, it is the best time to grab this tool now.


Evident from the name, offers a paraphrasing tool. It is a simple tool to optimize & restructure your content piece. Simply copy & paste content onto the textbox and select a mode – Formal, Creative, Smart, Fluency, and will provide you with an effective article. has a weekly plan of $7, $20/month and $150/year.

AI tools for Visual & Audio Production

Content production can be expensive and time consuming. AI tools help solve obstacles such as budgets which don’t cover for high-quality equipment and a large content production team.

1. Midjourney


Marketers usually rely on expert photographers to create high quality images for their social media, websites, and emailers but businesses with low budgets and small teams often face a challenge when it comes to visual production, the process of setting up a visually aesthetic backdrop, hiring the right photographer and equipment, just to name a few.

When Midjourney entered the market, it took the internet by a storm. Midjourney is an AI image generator which uses a neural network to learn from a massive dataset of images and text. Simply input the text prompt and Midjourney prepares a set of images. While it is still under development, many artists have used Midjourney to create hyper-realistic images. Many brands are using Midjourney to craft their website images, especially e-commerce and retail companies.

Midjourney is a paid platform and can be accessed via Discord. The challenge that many users face while using Midjourney is the process of using it via the Discord channel, it makes it harder for users who have not used Discord in the past. Nonetheless, even with the learning curve, users prefer the platform as the images generated by Midjourney are far superior when compared to its competitors.

Midjourney’s subscription plan starts at $10/month and goes up to $120/month.

2. Soundraw

Finding the right music to go with your video content or ad can be extremely time-consuming, and Soundraw understands this. Soundraw uses AI to produce custom music for your content. The best part is that it helps you produce copyright-free music which works great, especially for video-centric platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Soundraw is extremely simple to use, simply select from its many customization options, pick the genre, mood, theme, length, tempo, and instruments to craft your unique piece of music. Soundraw can generate music in over 100 different genres and has a music library which can be used for YouTube videos, other Social Media Channels, TV, movies, Digital Ads, Podcasts, Audio Books, Games, and much more.

Soundraw can be used for free with limited access, the pricing plan starts at $16.99/month and goes up to $29.99/month

3. Canva

Canva is a popular choice amongst design tools for marketers and creatives because it is quick and easy to use.

Recently, Canva launched their AI tool called Magic Studio which includes assists like Magic Design, Magic Write, Magic Presentation, Magic Edit tools which help speed up the process for marketers and designers by automating edits across your design board. It even uses text prompts to generate AI images and produce content based on your brand colors. Not only that, Canva’s AI copywriting tool helps you write captivating headlines for your ads and the AI tool even edits your content pieces like blogposts, website content, social media posts, for a faster & easier design & export process.

Canva’s free plan offers many features, most beginners opt for Canva for this reason. Their paid pro plan is affordable and includes AI assistance and a variety of designs as well, it starts at $12.99/month.


Editing podcast episodes is such a hassle. Since podcasts only use one of our senses, hearing; it can be a challenge to make sharp edits which eliminate distractions like ‘ahhs’ and ‘errs’ in the podcasts. Resound does just that! Resound is an AI editor for your podcasts, simply upload your audio file and Resound makes edits to best optimize your podcast, you can even further review and delete unwanted portions. It is super quick and easy-to-use, and amongst podcasters, it is considered a lifesaver. has a free plan in place for beginners and their pro plans range from $12/month to $49/month.

5. DeepBrain AI

Video content creation is one of the most difficult challenges any marketer faces. It includes both visual and audio communications and they need to be designed in such a way to be effective for short-form content platforms and website pages too.

Deep Brain AI is a tool used for video generation but doesn’t stop at just that; it includes an AI ‘avatar’ to further engage your audiences. You can customize your avatar to represent the persona of your brand and this avatar acts as your model for the video.

It is extremely beginner friendly; you simply add the video’s script onto the platform and make customizations to your avatar, you can also change the tone and language with a variety of different options to choose from. With Deep Brain there are endless possibilities, you can create how to videos for your webpages, training videos for your employees and content for social media. Plans start with $30/month and goes up to $225/month.

To conclude, AI is not here to take our jobs. It is simply here to assist humans with mundane and time-consuming tasks. All the above-mentioned tools are only effective when human creativity intervenes, if not, the end results can be subpar.

While this article covers AI tools for Content Ideation, Copywriting, Paraphrasing and Visual & Audio Production, we are going to be covering other AI tools for email marketing & evaluation in the other two parts. We will be updating part 2 and 3 soon with more tools and its different use cases. Stay tuned and follow us on our social pages to know more.

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