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Best AI tools for Marketers in 2023 – Part 3

By incivus

This article is the 3rd part of a three-part series blog wherein we reviewed AI tools that equip marketers to make effective strategies and communications. In this article, we will be discussing AI Content Detection tools, AI Analytics and Automation tools, and AI Evaluation tools.

AI Analytics & Automation Tools

1. Adverity

Managing mountains of data across platforms is a task and gaining full control over all data points across channels can empower marketers to make better data-driven decisions. This is where Adverity comes in. Adverity uses connectors across platforms like Google Analytics, Amazon, and many more to provide conclusive insights from sales, revenue, & marketing to have all your data in one place. Adverity provides connectivity, transformation of data, and proper data governance for security. Moreover, the data can be viewed on a functional dashboard which is interactive and produces results based on requirements with a click of a button, making it a powerful entralized data management platform for marketing teams.

Adverity uses AI in providing assistance for data transformations, plugs in with Chat-GPT to provide answers to non-technical and simple language questions with regard to data while providing a digestible summary of data tables.

Adverity’s pricing starts at €500 per month and goes up to €2000 per month

2. Optimove

Opimove is a customer-led marketing platform, a CRM which is AI-powered. Optibot is their AI tool that helps acquire customer data from various platforms for marketers to make data-backed creative decisions for their marketing campaigns. Optimove gathers customer data from their previous online history which allows marketers to find customer behaviors, predict their behaviors, and segment them based on demographic and other parameters which helps them in identifying customer churn and lifetime value.

Optimove uses this data to then curate marketing messaging best suited for your audience to effectively communicate personalized messages & offers via their Digital Experience Platform, thereby increasing marketing effectiveness. Optimove can also identify which customers are being overexposed to too many company communications.

Optimove is an all-in-one automation & analytics platform that allows the scheduling of social media posts, curated content recommendations based on audiences and automates emails to the segmented customer databases. Optimove’s pricing plans are custom-made.


Marketers rely heavily on competitive analysis when trying to get their marketing benchmarks for their company, often these processes involve many tedious hours of research which includes market research and competitive analysis. solves this problem! Completely is an AI-powered platform that provides competitive analysis in just a few minutes.

The platform is extremely user-friendly. Simply add your competitor’s URL, get suggestions from Competely to add more competitors, and receive an in-depth overview, of their marketing strategies and information about their product, pricing, their audience, company information, and SWOT analysis all under one roof, saving you hours.

Competely offers its services at $39 monthly, currently available at a holiday discount of $19.

4. Mix Panel

Do you want to ‘chat with your data’? Mixpanel is a product analytics tool that allows marketers to track customer journeys, you can automatically identify user behavior, segment users based on behaviors, predict their behavior, and gain insights and recommendations to see gaps in your marketing strategies.

Recently, Mixpanel introduced generative AI capabilities with ‘Spark’. Users can ask the AI assistant questions about their data to drive effective marketing strategies. With Spark, marketers can ask questions like – ‘Which age groups visited our website in 30 days?’, ‘how many viewers watched our demo video’?, ‘What was the revenue in the last 7 days?’ and so on. Spark then creates a report summary with the data to aid marketers in making data-backed decisions. Spark helps in increasing productivity as all the data points are viewable all in one place!

AI Ad Evaluation Tools

AI ad evaluation tools are the need of the hour for many marketers. Marketers, According to recent research, 77% of B2B ads score just 1/5 on the Creative Effectiveness scale and 4/5 marketers do not know why their ad worked. To solve this, AI can be used to enable marketers to make fast and data-backed decisions to scale their marketing campaigns to newer heights and thereby improve the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.

Incivus is an AI-powered Creative Effectiveness Platform that helps marketers identify their most effective digital ad before launch, to improve their return on investment and increase the speed to market. Using AI, Incivus provides precise, objective, and granular insights about the advertisement.

Incivus provides a Creative Effectiveness Score to help marketers make a go/no-go decision for their ads. Additionally, Incivus provides a recall score to indicate memorability of the ad, cognitive load evaluation to showcase if the ad has the right balance of visual and text, ad copy effectiveness scores to indicate if the ad copy is effective for the ad and an emotional profile to showcase the emotion the ad evokes in the customer. Incivus goes in further depth to evaluate the ad on various creative variables like music, ad copy, human presence, and so on, to help the marketers change what is not working and confidently launch successful ads. To know more about your pricing, request a free demo.

AI Content Detection tools

This may be paradoxical, but AI content detection tools are the need of the hour. We have spoken vastly about tools that help us in creating content, however, only using AI content on website pages can severely impact SEO as AI information may not always be accurate. Many marketers opting for AI content can create duplicate content pieces. To avoid this, marketers can choose from the below tools to help detect AI as well as plagiarized content.


Content Detector AI is a straightforward and easy-to-use tool, simply copy and paste the text you want to test, and the tool analyses and provides a Probability Score whether the article is AI-generated or human. As an add-on, you can test for plagiarism as well. Content Detector AI is a free tool.

2. ZeroGPT

ZeroGPT detects AI-generated articles from sources like ChatGPT-3, ChatGPT-4, Bard, or any other AI assistant. Similar to content detector, you can simply drop your article onto the textbox and ZeroGPT will provide you with a score to check if it is human or AI-generated content. Additionally, ZeroGPT provides users with a highlighted text feature that picks up certain parts of the article which may be AI-generated. ZeroGPT’s basic plan is free and the pro plan starts at $8.29/month.

This blog post is the last in aa three-part series covering AI tools for Marketers. , Iin Part 1 we have covered tools that aid marketers in copywriting, visual & audio production, and paraphrasing, and in Part 2 we covered tools that aid in email marketing. We will be updating these blogs in the coming months. To stay updated follow us on LinkedIn

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