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Creative Intelligence: Combining AI And Data Drives Top Performing Campaigns

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Ask any marketer or creative agency what the key to a successful ad campaign is, and you’re likely to receive a variety of answers. Some may say success lies in identifying and segmenting a target audience. Others say ad success lies in reach, frequency, and engagement. While there are hundreds of online courses, in-person training, and industry experts that claim they have the secret formula to creating successful ads there seems there is no standard method to improve ad performance that works reliably each and every time.

To get around this, marketers often rely on split-testing and consumer feedback when it comes to improving ad performance. However, this approach can create additional challenges for marketers due to the time required and the amount of ad budget needed to get actionable data.

In addition, campaigns often require a high level of personalization in terms of ad objectives, creative options, and target audience selection. When the demands of creating ad campaigns are combined with tight deadlines and budgets, marketers face a tremendous amount of pressure to “get it right” the first time.
Creative intelligence offsets these challenges and provides marketers with data-backed insights to improve campaign performance in real time – saving time and money.

What is Creative Intelligence?

Creative intelligence is defined as the ability to find new and unique solutions to a problem. While there is no denying this is something marketers do every day, the highly complex and ever-changing media landscape can be difficult to navigate, even for those with years of experience.

Successful marketers with a strong sense of creative intelligence often take risks based on their gut instincts. While these gut instincts may not be wrong, it’s almost impossible to scale performance-based campaigns with this methodology. Not to mention, creative intelligence can vary widely among people even with similar training. People can easily miss important elements, spend time focusing on the wrong area, or make campaign adjustments that result in poor performance. It’s no surprise that most marketers are primarily focused on targeting and budget optimization – concrete data points that don’t focus on creativity.

What if the creative aspects of an ad could be broken into data points and analyzed to optimize performance?

It may seem counterintuitive to think an abstract concept like creativity can be measured, but it is possible with help from artificial intelligence. Using advanced AI technologies, ad campaigns can be analyzed to give frame-by-frame recommendations to improve performance and identify the specific variables for success. In addition to gut instincts, marketers can use this concrete data to do what they do best: craft creative and successful campaigns.

Why Ad Creativity Needs to be Data-Driven?

Studies show that even though brands are spending more money on advertising, the average click-through rate on ads has dropped 19% overall. So how can advertising effectiveness decrease when brands have access to more data about their customers than ever before?

Marketers spend little to no time optimizing ad creativity.

Ad creativity remains the single most influential factor in advertising campaigns, yet only 47% of marketers make it their top priority. Furthermore, research has found that four out of five marketers don’t look at key data points that would allow them to improve a campaign’s ROI.

Even though an enormous amount of ad data is collected, most measurements are limited to placement, copy, or format. In addition, finding the right mix of all creative variables could take months of testing if done by a single person. Ultimately, this leads to creative fatigue, wasted ad spend, extreme pressure to perform, and limited ability to scale.

With help from AI, marketers can unlock actionable insights and bridge the gap between creative intelligence and campaign success.

How AI-Based Creative Intelligence Predicts Ad Success

While there are several tools marketers can use to gain creative insight into campaigns, none are as robust as Incivus.

Incivus is a creative intelligence platform that combines various AI technologies, including computer vision, computer audition, natural language processing, and more, to rigorously evaluate all creative variables within a campaign. To put this in perspective, imagine being able to split test components of a campaign without having to spend a single dollar of the budget.

Incivus looks at a variety of variables including brand cues, human presence, scene & activity detection, product packaging, brand, music, and more. Marketers are able to see what adjustments can be made to each ad as a whole but also by a frame-by-frame level. This bird’s eye view of ad performance gives marketers a complete analysis of what is and is not working within an ad – all from one platform.

This high level of creative intelligence increases the efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns. When used pre-flight, Incivus enables marketers to test variables effectively. During ad campaigns, marketers get a behind-the-scenes breakdown of how an audience responds and what changes will boost performance. After campaigns, marketers can better understand their target audience and create more effective ads. Overall, AI-based creative intelligence takes the guesswork out of creating effective ads, saves time, and helps marketers invest and spend wisely.

Creative Intelligence is the Future of Marketing

Marketing is to create meaningful and memorable experiences for potential customers. Yet research shows that only 16% of advertising is both recalled and correctly attributed to the brand – meaning 84% of ad spend is wasted.

Brands and marketers face tremendous pressure to follow the latest trends, use the newest tools, and advertise on new channels to reach potential customers. Unfortunately, with that comes a high learning curve, creative fatigue, and ineffective campaigns.

In today’s ever-changing media landscape, marketers, brands, and agencies can no longer afford to remain complacent.

Marketers and brands have already experienced the benefits of marketing automation tools over the last several years. AI-based creative intelligence is no different and will soon be the backbone of marketing campaigns.

In addition to helping marketers adapt in an ever-changing and highly competitive environment, AI-based creative intelligence platforms like Incivus can help:

Eliminate blind spots

Make data-driven decisions and predict success before campaigns launch.

Streamline production

Regardless of how big your team is, having a starting point for creative processes will save you time and maximize budgets.

Maximize campaign budgets

Spend less testing “gut instincts” and instead focus on what matters to your target audience.

Get actionable insights

Learn frame-by-frame what changes to make that will have the most significant impact on campaign performance.

In summary, AI-based creative intelligence is not just the future of marketing – it is how marketers can future-proof businesses or brands.

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