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Emotional Profile of Successful Independence Day ads of 2022

By incivus

In light of welcoming the 76th year of Independence in India, brands will plan their annual ads around the celebration. We are paying tribute to the exceptional Independence Day ads that left Indians beaming with pride in 2022. Emotions of celebration, happiness, patriotism, and hope are usually running high around Independence Day, and campaigns that tap into these emotions have usually struck a chord with the audience. At Incivus, we have dived deep into four such ads that did a wonderful job of using the right emotional play to convey a message as well as generate awareness for the brands.

Our revolutionary Creative Effectiveness platform, Incivus, analyzed and evaluated four of the most popular Independence Day ads from 2022 to understand what made these ads resonate so deeply with Indians.

Incivus Platform Parameters

Incivus evaluates an ad on a creative variable level, i.e., evaluation is done on the music, human character, ad copy, and visuals of the ad. Once evaluated, there are certain key scores that Incivus provides that help a marketer take a go/no-go decision as well as make changes to the elements that are not working.

Creative Effectiveness Score
A comprehensive score to understand the effectiveness of the Ad. A high score indicates that the creative will be potentially effective for the goal, a medium score indicates that the asset will be effective but will need to have certain changes and a low score indicates that the asset may be ineffective for the ad goal.

Emotional Profile
The emotional profile indicates what emotions were evoked by the ad in the viewer, which is a mix of the emotions evoked by color, visuals, text, music, and human characters.

Recall Score
Incivus’ Visual Recall AI was built by observing human behavior through thousands of sessions. Millions of data points and images are given as input to predict the memorability score. The recall score is an indicator of the most and least recognizable and memorable frames of your video ads.

Cognitive Load
Cognitive Load refers to the amount of working memory used in a task. It can be used to ensure the consumer understands and retains your message. Low complexity leads to lower cognitive load and higher engagement.

Ad Copy Effectiveness
Ad copy is content that encourages a potential buyer to take action and purchase a product. By invoking an emotional response, communicating value, and addressing doubt, effective ad copy can increase a company’s sales and profits. Incivus’ Ad Copy Effectiveness score indicates if the ad copy (on-screen text) is appropriate for the ad. The score is a combination of whether the number of words is adequate if the text contrast was appropriate, and if the on-screen text got enough attention. A high score indicates that the ad copy is effective.

Deep Dive: Impactful Independence Day Ads

When we evaluated the four ads on Incivus, there was a central emotional profile that came out of these ads which looks like the below:

Let us deep dive into each individual ad to see the emotions it evoked in the audience and the impact it generated.

1. CEAT Tyre: #RidingHopeForChange

This ad pulls the audience’s heartstrings with emotional storytelling and keeps them hooked till the end. The emotions evoked by the ad are a mix of hope, happiness, and surprise. The calming pop music builds the element of suspense which culminates in surprise, and happiness as the film progresses. The characters display a mix of happy, sad, and neutral emotions, whereas the colors indicate reliability and longevity which is synonymous with CEAT. The medium recall score, optimal cognitive load, and high Creative Effectiveness Score all indicate that this has been an effective and engaging ad with over 9.4 million views on YouTube.

2. CashKaro: Bachat ki Azaadi

The Cashkaro ad holds the essence of Independence and inspires the audience to act on the situation. The treatment of the ad is simple, and it is focused on the narration of the struggles of daily wage workers narrated by the workers themselves. This ad has strong emotions of anger and sadness displayed by the character, the ad copy, and enhanced by the black and white visuals. Classical pop music evokes an energetic mood in the audience inspiring them to act on the situation. A high recall score, a medium ad copy effectiveness score, and a low cognitive load make it an easy watch. Overall, the ad performed well, it achieved high engagement on YouTube due to the duration of the ad, garnering 53K views, versus Instagram where it garnered 17.7K views.

3. JSW Paints: Think Beautiful

This ad inspires the viewer to think beautifully and not look for tough solutions to all problems. The character and music evoke the emotions of anger which eventually turns into happiness and respect as the story progresses. The colors evoke the emotion of elegance and glamour which are in line with JSW’s brand positioning. The simple narrative, low cognitive load, and high attention to the brand logo and visuals make it a memorable ad. Due to the simplicity and the duration of the ad, it gained virality on Instagram with 1.2M views.

4. Godrej: Sounds of Making India

This ad evokes an emotion of happiness, curiosity, and celebration. The music is a mix of dark, ambient, and classical music that builds the crescendo for the film to indicate the breadth of Godrej products. The colors evoked the emotion of reliability which is in line with the brand positioning of Godrej.  A highly effective ad copy, lower cognitive load, high attention on the products displayed in the ad, and an overall high Creative Effectiveness Score would have led this to be an effective ad. The video performed well on YouTube as the video was more product centric, garnering 188K views.

Here is a comparative view of Recall, Cognitive Load, and Ad Copy Effectiveness of the four Independence Day ads evaluated by Incivus.

All the four ads had one common theme, uniting the nation of India. This emotion propels the ads to gain engagement as each one of us can identify with our fellow Indians. We will be evaluating the 2023 Independence Day ads on our platform. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on it.

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