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Webinar Wrapped: Digital Advertising Transformation led by AI

By incivus

Incivus hosted its very first webinar on C5ii Compass – GenAI Series titled Digital Advertising Transformation Led by AI. The webinar was a great success, with Anees Merchant, EVP of Growth & IP at C5ii as the keynote speaker where he shared some valuable insights for marketers who are always looking to stay ahead of the curve in the digital advertising space. Anees also provided some actionable steps that marketers can take to overcome the challenges they face. Below are some of the key takeaways from the webinar.

Rise in Digital Ad Spend

Digital ad spend is growing annually, and marketers struggle to create effective campaigns due to the rising costs. The costs associated with A/B testing, ad creative production, surveying, and other forms of manual testing are growing exponentially, making it more difficult to execute well-planned campaigns.

GenAI is exploding

Generative AI is having a profound impact on digital advertising by enhancing efficiency, productivity, and innovation in the idea generation process, from the initial concept to launch. This technology has revolutionized the way brands, teams, and stories are developed, making the entire process seamless, faster, and more efficient than ever before.

Audiences are fatigued

We are living in an age where people come across more than 4000 ads every day. Due to this overwhelming number, audiences are fatigued by ads and turn a blind eye to them. Thus, it is essential to create effective, innovative, and creative ads that can grab people’s attention and engage them. One way to combat ad fatigue and ad blindness is to predict the success of your ads, pre-launch. Know more here.

Identify the ‘why’

Many ads are failing, mostly due to the above reasons i.e, ad fatigue & ad blindness but there are other contributing factors. Unfortunately, 9/10 marketers are unable to understand why their ad worked versus why they didn’t, Anees Merchant gives us a glimpse into what could be causing a failed launch. They could be inconsistent branding wherein the audience does not recognize the brand, lack of personalizations, incorrect channels to launch on, the ever-changing advertising platforms and their algorithms, marketers relying solely on gut-based decisions, the launch of mediocre ads due to creative burnout, and the list goes on.

So what’s the answer?

Incivus. Incivus is a GenAI-powered AdTech platform that predicts an ad’s success before it is launched. We conduct rigorous testing on various parameters to ensure that the launched ad is the most effective one and also provide granular analysis to help you understand how you can improve your ads if they fall short of the effectiveness quota. At Incivus, we believe in empowering creativity by automating tedious tasks and freeing marketers to focus on the more imaginative aspects of campaign launching. Research indicates that 70% of an ad campaign’s success can be attributed to creativity.

Moreover, during the webinar, we gave a sneak peek into what Incivus is capable of. If you want to watch the full recording of the webinar, click here.

Leave a comment if you would like to share your thoughts and if you too would like to stay ahead of the curve and launch creatives that leave a lasting impact, try Incivus today.

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