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Diving Deep into Attention Trends of Super Bowl Ads

By incivus

With over 100 million people actively paying attention to Super Bowl ads, it becomes imperative to understand where and why they are paying attention. Active attention also directly impacts how a brand is remembered and recalled, which is why it was the first creative variable we analyzed in our Super Bowl Deep Dive reports. 

In the first edition, we explored trends around attention to discover if the ads were able to capture and retain attention on their products and branding elements. We evaluated the top 10 and bottom 10 ads of the last three years on our creative intelligence platform, Incivus. Based on the gathered data and our creative analysis, here is an overview of the three prominent findings:

1. What actually impacts attention? 

In this over-stimulated and content-saturated world, it is not easy to gain the attention of the viewers. But when the stakes are this high, it becomes imperative for brands to understand what impacts attention and how best they can utilize creative variables to their advantage. 

In our Super Bowl Deep Dive report on attention, we have answered some big questions like how long the products and branding elements were displayed. Did the ads do justice in highlighting and driving audiences’ attention to them? 

We have also explored how the use of different elements has helped brands drive more attention to their products and branding.

Download the report here.

2. Can colors, themes, or surroundings make a difference in driving attention?

Whenever we see the combination of royal blue on pure white background, it instantly catches our attention. But would we be paying attention if it had been surrounded by various other colors and design elements? 

Maybe not. 

One of the aspects that we have explored in our first edition of the Super Bowl Deep Dive report is the impact of various colors, background themes, and surroundings on attention. 

The findings are interesting and actionable and can help brands understand how to perfect each frame to drive the highest amount of attention to the right places.

Download the report here.

3. Two industries are winning the attention game at Super Bowl 

CPG, Finance, Technology, and Automotive industries advertise frequently on the Super Bowl platform. Out of these four industries, two of them have cracked the formula to win the attention game at Super Bowl and there are multiple variables like the colors, product size, movements, and more at play which we have explored in detail in our report.

Download the report here.

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