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What is the Emotional Language of Super Bowl Ads?

By incivus

Emotion is one of the strongest tools to get consumers to pay attention and purchase. It also plays a significant role in driving customer loyalty, which translates into the brand’s bottom line.  

And Super Bowl being the biggest advertising platform, brands tend to turn to emotions to connect with their audience to drive engagement, recall, and sales.  

But which emotions in particular? And how do they go about using various creative elements like visuals, characters, music and more to tell their stories? 

To find answers to these questions, we evaluated the top and bottom 10 Super Bowl ads from the last 3 years on our creative intelligence platform and ran an in-depth creative analysis of the data gathered. The following are our most prominent findings that can help you create effective campaigns in the future. 

There are Right Emotions 

While it is true that the range of emotions associated with different brands might be different and hence, they would want to stick to their advertising playbook, after analyzing over 60+ Super Bowl ads, there were a few overarching emotions that were common among the top 10 ads. 

Moreover, considering the event which itself is a high-energy and emotional one, it is important to drive emotional resonance with the audience through the story as well as other creative elements including characters, music, and more. 

So, which are these right emotions? Find out in our detailed report on emotions of Super Bowl ads

Can you amplify the impact of emotions in your ads? 

Yes, but only when done in the right context and along with the use of different creative elements. 

Imagine watching a heart-warming scene of an estranged son meeting his parents for the first time in 5 years paired with a pop song like As It Was by Harry Styles. 

Does not match right? 

The emotions evoked in the viewers would be of confusion and irritation instead of feel-good emotions of love, happiness, and satisfaction. 

So, what is this ‘right context’ we are talking about? And how should you pair different creative elements in your ad? Find out in our detailed report on emotions of Super Bowl ads

Does product category and industry matter when it comes to emotions? 

With the help of various creative elements like music, character emotions, ad copy, and more, brands from different industries like CPG, Automotive, and the likes have created stand out emotional profiles in their ads. 

These emotions helped brands gain attention of their audience, landed them in the top 10 spots, and on top of everything, helped connect with their audience in the right way driving higher recall. 

So, which emotions are right for your industry? 

Find out in our detailed report on emotions of Super Bowl ads

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