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Best AI Tools for Marketers in 2023 – Part 2

By incivus

This article is in continuation to our “Best AI Tools for Marketers Part 1”. In Part 2, we are discussing an overlooked form of communication – Emailers. Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways to directly connect with your consumers and share company updates. This is because of the high ROI seen in Email Marketing amongst other channels like Organic Search, Content Marketing, Paid Search and Affiliate marketing.


While email marketing can be hard to navigate, marketers are unsure as to why the open rates of some emails were less compared to the more successful ones. It can be hard to make emails more personalized and garner better client relationships. We at Incivus tested out AI tools that help marketers succeed in email marketing.


Cold emailing can be an effective way to generate leads, but it can also be impersonal, especially when sent in bulk. It is time-consuming as it requires hours of research on prospects. AI can help to solve these problems by automating the process of finding email addresses, researching prospects, and tailoring emails to individual recipients.

Smartwriter is an AI-powered tool that uses data from the internet to find and verify email addresses, and to tailor email content to the prospect’s interests. This can help to improve the response rate of cold email campaigns and reduce the time spent on manual outreach.

Smartwriter also offers the ability to send and track emails, as well as to generate follow-up emails. The basic plan starts at $59 per month and goes up to $299 per month.


Sending out email newsletters to your subscribers about company updates and other resources that could potentially help them is vital in maintaining client relationships. However, sending a newsletter with the same content to all your subscribers leads to lower open rates and thereby low engagement rates.

Rasa understands the need for personalization amongst your subscribers. Rasa’s tool offers an aggregation of all the vast content available on the internet, on your social platforms, and on your website to curate specific content for each subscriber from your email list. How does it work? Rasa’s (AI) system learns what topics your subscribers are most interested in based on the articles they click on. Over time, each set of articles included in your email newsletter will become personalized and tailored to the content your readers prefer based on their past interactions. This type of personalization has the potential to increase engagement in your newsletters and allows your subscribers to be truly invested in the content.

Rasa’s pricing starts at $190/month and goes up to $490/month.

3. The Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is an email delivery optimization tool that tackles attention span, a parameter marketers are trying to track and improve. Seventh Sense’s AI model understands your email subscriber’s online patterns and optimizes your email delivery system, ensuring higher open rates amongst your email subscribers. Not only that, but the AI tool also offers an email frequency optimization system, which uses an automatic engagement-based segmentation that sends lesser or more frequent emails as per the reader’s preference. Seventh Sense works with a company’s existing email platform and is designed specifically for HubSpot & Marketo.

For Hubspot users, the pricing plan starts at $80/month and for Marketo users it starts at $450/month.

This blog post is a three-part series, in Part 1 we have covered tools that aid marketers in copywriting, visual & audio production, and paraphrasing, you can read it here. In part 3 we will be covering evaluation and AI content detection tools, follow us on LinkedIn to get instant updates!

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