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Inviting Marketers to Join us in Building Next Generation of AdTech 

By incivus

Originally posted on AdWeek Wire. 

Today we are celebrating 1 year of building Incivus with a vision to help marketers create engaging ads – the kind of ads that people look forward to. 

After spending a year researching, understanding the problem, and looking for the right solution, we stand on solid ground with our creative intelligence platform that equips marketers with actionable insights to help them predict the success of ads at scale, launch campaigns faster, and optimizes ad spending. 

As we continue to grow and build the next generation of advertising technology, we are inviting marketers for a test drive of our platform. Our contractual test drive would allow them to evaluate display and video ads on our AI-powered platform.  

Our platform provides actionable insights like recall scores, key frame analysis, detailed attention graphs, compliance with brand guidelines, analysis of text and music, and much more to help understand the perception of ads and predict success. 

Since the launch of our platform, we have been able to rope in 4 Fortune 500 companies who have given us an overall positive response. One of the well-known tech evangelists in the MarTech space said Incivus is making the right use of technology in marketing. On the other hand, the CMO of a popular Consumer Tech Brand validated our idea and direction by confirming that it had massive potential to help them build their brand sound and follow brand guidelines. 

Here is what our Co-founder and President, Manish Mittal, had to say on the occasion of Incivus’ 1-year anniversary, ‘As today marks 1 year of Incivus, we could not think of a better time to invite marketers to come and test our creative intelligence platform.’ According to Manish, ‘This invitation is more of a partnership proposal to the innovators and early adopters of the marketing industry as their participation and feedback are central to the next-gen of AdTech we are building at Incivus.’   

To know more about us and to sign up for our test drive, write to them at

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