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The Incivus Story: Making of our Creative Effectiveness Platform.

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2020 was a pivotal year. AI in advertising was still in its early stages, and Incivus recognized its potential. In our 3-year journey, we built and rebuilt ourselves to stand as a pioneer in the AdTech industry today. In this blog post, we wanted to give you a glimpse into what happened in the last few years and highlight key milestones that shaped our product to what it is today.

2020 – Establishing the foundation for a new Ad Tech platform.

The attention metric which showcases attention heatmaps went beyond traditional eye-tracking heatmaps in the industry and provided granular details into which element of the ad is the most memorable for the viewer.

Incivus’ Recall feature in 2020
Incivus’ Text Evaluation Parameter in 2020

2021 – Refining the Lens for Deeper Insights

As we gathered feedback, we expanded our focus and developed our ad evaluation platform to analyze text copy, brand compliance to ensure that the ad matches the brand guidelines and music to identify the right music for the ad.

In 2021, the design and branding of our logo began, we outlined our branding and communications which remains what it is today.

2022 – Broadening the Scope

We expanded the scope of evaluation to include text copy evaluation into ad copy effectiveness which gives marketers insights into how persuasive or effective their ad copy is and identifies the tone of voice and number of words in the ad. 

Parameters like gender parity and diversity were retired, as we received feedback from the market that this did not contribute to determining the effectiveness of the ad. We introduced a feature called human presence to give deeper insights into speaking time and the share of space between the two genders.

Incivus’ Ad Copy Effectiveness Parameter in 2022
Incivus’ platform in 2023 with Creative Effectiveness summary report

2023 – A Shift in Paradigm 

We focused our lens on Creative Effectiveness, which marked a significant step forward. This score measures the impact of creative elements on the overall ad campaign’s ROI. We launched the Creative Effectiveness Score, encompassing diverse parameters like ad copy effectiveness which measures whether the on-screen text was appropriate for the ad, cognitive load which measures the complexity of the ad on the human brain, when the score is balanced the cognitive load is just enough to stimulate the brain and provides an intent to purchase and recall which measures how memorable an ad is and what parts of the ad are most recalled by the viewer by outlining the peaks and pits of the video ad. 

We introduced the emotional profile analysis making Incivus the only platform that offers a complete emotional profile of an ad by considering color mood boards, textual emotions, emotions evoked by the music, and human emotions within the ad.

Additionally, we introduced A/B testing for ad creatives, allowing users to select the most impactful asset for their launch. We continued to provide an evaluation for human presence to indicate the speaking time and density of the two genders.

2024 – Reimagining Everything. A Bold, New Chapter.

We’re revamping our platform with a user-friendly UI, offering deeper insights and faster scaling capabilities. We have consolidated the evaluation to indicate key parameters like recall, ad copy effectiveness, cognitive load, brand compliance, and emotional profile. We have introduced new features:

  • Digital accessibility to evaluate the ad for digital readiness.
  • Refined ad copy effectiveness scores to give more in-depth evaluation of on-screen text.
  • Refined A/B testing feature to allow choosing the most effective ad variation before launch.
  • Access and permissions to encourage ease of access for teams.

Not just that! We’re leaning toward the potential integration of ad creation tools to position Incivus to become the ultimate all-in-one platform for ad campaign success.

Incivus’ latest UI launch in 2024

With 2024 unfolding, we are excited to not only launch our product’s latest UI but also unveil the design of our redesigned website. 

Incivus is meant to fit like a glove in progressive marketing teams. If you would like to stay ahead of the curve, get in touch with us here and unleash your most effective ad to date with data-backed science.

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