Incivus is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Course5 Intelligence.

Course5, a global Analytics & AI leader, will absorb Incivus.

Incivus’ journey so far:

Our journey began two years ago when we incepted the company to empower marketing teams to predict the effectiveness of their digital ads before launch. The platform allows marketers to optimize their ROI, accelerate the launch of campaigns, and reduce the need for A/B testing.

Incivus has trained its Creative Effectiveness platform on 10million+ data points, across the Memorability of the ad, Ad Copy, Music, Brand Cues, and Human Characters. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Computer Vision, Computer Audition, Natural Language Processing, and Generative AI, Incivus provides marketers with a precise, objective, and granular evaluation of every creative aspect of an ad. This groundbreaking platform has enabled Incivus to attract clients across the United States, Europe, and India.

Future with Course5

Course5 Intelligence works with some of the world’s leading corporates driving business impact for them through its Analytics & AI solutions.   

Incivus’ capabilities are deeply synergistic with Course5’s wider proposition of driving impact for clients through their visual and multimedia data, analytics, and AI investments. The Incivus platform will be a part of the larger Course5 offering but continue to operate under the Incivus brand name. 

We are thrilled to be a part of Course5. Learn more about Course5 here To read their press coverage, click here.

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