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What is the Emotional Language of Super Bowl Ads?

Do Super Bowl ads have emotional language? Which emotions resonate the most with the audience? Which creative variables can be used to create the right emotional profile for the maximum impact? We have answered all these questions and more in this article.

Edition 5: The Sunday

Create the Best Performing Super Bowl Campaign Ever! Insights from in-depth analysis of the impact of creative variables on ad success. Identify overarching creative and advertising

Edition 4: Ad Recall & Copy

Answers to What Makes a Super Bowl Ad Memorable! Insights from in-depth creative analysis of the impact of ad recall and copy on ad success.

Edition 3: Emotions

Your Guide to Emotional Language of Super Bowl Ads. Insights from in-depth creative analysis of the impact of emotions evoked by visuals, characters, and music

Edition 2: Music & Character

Your Guide to Using Music and Characters in Super Bowl Ads. Insights from in-depth creative analysis of the impact of music and character on ad

Diving Deep into Attention Trends of Super Bowl Ads

With over 100 million people actively paying attention to Super Bowl ads, it becomes imperative to understand where and why they are paying attention. And if it is driving the desired impact for your brand. Uncover the secrets of attention in Super Bowl ads with our latest report.

Edition 1: Attention

Attention! One of the most important elements that lead to engagement in Super Bowl ads Insights from creative analysis of attention trends in Super Bowl

Unveiling Secrets of Super Bowl Advertising

We analyzed the top 10 and bottom 10 ads of 2020, 2021, and 2022 on Incivus, our creative intelligence platform to dive deep into understanding the exact impact of these variables on the success of Super Bowl campaigns and help brands create effective campaigns.

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